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Groots or GrassRoots by definition means the most basic Core level of any activity. And early child development forms the Core level of an individual's persona.

" GrOoTs " is a Developmental Milestone based, feedback-oriented Preschool which focusses on the holistic development of Core Personality of a child.

We call it "G-Core" or "Groot Core".

Our ideology evolves from the fact that we understand that every child is unique with a unique "G-Core". It is this unique G-Core that defines the core personality of a child that will develop into a persona as the child grows up and will ultimately define the way of life for the Child.

At GrOoTs, we prepare a child for life!

Our Approach : Developing the G-Core, means developments in
  • Emotional
  • social
  • Cognitive
  • Physical
  • Values
  • Health
  • Creative
  • Language skills

And Most Importantly helping them channelize Free Energy. A Child possesses superfluous amounts of free energy and its very important to channelize that free energy into productive development

A recent Study from Harvard Business school indicated a major ingredient in this developmental process is the “serve and return” relationship between children and their parents or other caregivers in the family or community. Young children naturally reach out for interaction through babbling, facial expressions, and gestures, and adults respond with the same kind of vocalizing and gesturing back at them. In the absence of such responses—or if the responses are unreliable or inappropriate—the brain’s architecture does not form as expected, which can lead to disparities in learning and behavior.

We therefore understand the need for appropriate Child interaction and individual attention needed for each child. And all this is conceptualized by the best appropriate people in the industry. We know that : " The Right Start matters ! "

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Our Motto

Every Child is unique, Let them be !

Our Vision

To be evolving Leaders in Child development and counselling focusing on feedback based holistic development.

Our Mission

To develop activity based milestone standards that help identifying the unique characteristics of a child thus enabling us to nurture the unique core development while maintaining a vibrant. fun filled environment.

Discover Story

Discover Story

A Warm Welcome

Wake up ! Get Ready ! Move and don’t stop till the goal is achieved. Nothing can be achieved without efforts. Thomas Alva Edison had said, Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.

A child in it self is an institution of its own, that gives them their special niche in life .We are the facilitators to help them grow with their self expression and talent with the basic values of life.

GROOTS is a developmental milestone based feedback oriented Pre School which focuses on the holistic learning of the child .

Home is the first school and parents the first teachers . At the same time if the kid is exposed to a Pre school where he feels at home , it is easier for a kid to co-relate and orchestrate the learnings from the school and home. We at GROOTS help them to handle their emotions and this learning develops the perspective of handling emotions in a right way which is the correct core building block.

My experience of training kids has consistently proved that value based education given in Preschool definitely helps shaping the kids to grow sharper and smarter everyday. We try to enact values to help the kid to develop self worth , Empathy, responsible behavior and many more. We Prepare them for Life !

I wish all of the Parents, Children and other people a Wonderful year ahead. The Future is bright for all of you ! Warm Regards.

The Team

Mrs Vasudha Jolly Mrs Vasudha Jolly Founder, Director, CEO
Dr. Shruti Mhatre Jolly Dr. Shruti Mhatre Jolly Cofounder, Chief Coordinator
Gyandeep Jolly Gyandeep Jolly Co Founder, Chief Advisor



Discover Story
Discover Story
Discover Story
Discover Story


Best In-House A/V learning set up with IPAD control/ Chromecast and Projector use.
Clean Activity space

Clean Activity space

Hygenic and properly organized and clean activity space for kids to have fun space.
Security : CCTV, Secured Compound.

Security : CCTV, Secured Compound.

Continuously monitoring CCTV live feeds and Secured compound to provide your kids a safe learning space.
Gym Equipments

Gym Equipments

Catering to Physical developmental milestones in a safe and monitored environment.
Air Conditioned Rooms

Air Conditioned Rooms

Conditioned rooms to provide a conducive and soothing temperature controlled environment.
Pick Up – Drop Service

Pick Up – Drop Service

Customised and Secured Pick up Drop service with tailor made plans.

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